“I have three wonderful children. No mother could be bitter or frustrated — as some newspapers say I am — with a family like that. Little blue-eyed, fair-skinned Robertino looks like a Swede, but has all the mannerisms of my husband. He uses the fiery gestures of the Italians and has the typical Latin temperament. As my husband once put it, ‘He is learning Love and Violence’. The little girls have dark hair like mine and their personalities are completely different. They are an interesting oddity of nature. Ingrid is curly-haired and brown-eyed and resembles Roberto, but she is calm, affectionate and Nordic in her outlook. Isabella, on the other hand, has blue eyes and straight hair and looks like me, but she is a Latin — a typical extrovert and a tomboy. If I never worked again, I could happily spend all my time at home, playing with them.” (Ingrid Bergman, 1956)

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